About Us

HPC (Hospital & Public Health Consultants) is a healthcare and health business consortium, and unique destination where all your medical and medical management needs are met. Our specialists comprise healthcare designers, medical experts, medical consultants, eminent doctors, state of the art hospitals, HIS developers, public health consultants.

HPC analyses the business side of healthcare organizations, assists the healthcare clients for optimizing their resources, plan and implement proper marketing strategies, guide through the health quality corridor for better patient satisfaction. We also do the process reengineering in hospitals. Our experts also assist the healthcare institutions for standardizing their processes through better information system solutions.

The medical tourism initiative of HPC is unique; we assist and guide patients to responsible and quality medical institutions, where the client safety and patient satisfaction is considered paramount. Our system and personnel will also follow our clients from the time of registration and back to their home.


The mission of HPC is to equip and empower the healthcare institutions, regardless of their organizational, ethical and geographical prominence. We will endeavor to guide our partner healthcare institutions through the latest technological and process innovations so that they can accomplish cost effective, ethical and quality patient care.

We also try to be recognized as a lead campaigner for the healthcare values.

We are also committed to continuously foster the current and future healthcare leaders by imparting skills, ethics, dynamism and knowledge.

We will care our patients and customers with extreme dedication, compassion and the delivery of high-quality and cost-effective healthcare services.


Hospital & Public Health Consultants (HPC) is a distinctive healthcare consultancy, which attempts to anticipate and respond to the needs of different levels of healthcare institutions and patients. HPC is recognized for its obligation to improving the quality of patient care, patient satisfaction, ethical standing, process innovations and knowledge sharing through its partner institutions and professionals.