A healthy couple who in spite of practising healthy sex for a year, is unable to conceive needs medical expertise to beget a child. Infertility is not just a medical problem in many societies and in some the condition is termed unlucky. And you are not alone in this battle. About 7% of the eligible couples are infertile across the globe.

Human Body and procreation is much more complex. Compared to other animals in the animal kingdom, humans have one of the least possibilities to procreate successfully. Only 25% conception happens even for healthy couples in normal circumstances.

Infertility is an emotionally and psychologically taxing condition for most couples. This leads to a multitude of problems in their personal life as well as occupational life. The stress built up by infertility vents itself as outbursts, physical illness or as a change in attitude to self and others.

Research advancements in medical, imaging and pharmaceutical specialties with aggressive treatment has made 85% of the infertility problems curable.

HPC  is having an exclusive tie-up with a state -of -the-art infertility hospital in India (CRAFT Hosptial and Research Centre), Kerala,‘God’s own country’). The hospital is 350 bedded super specialty referral hospital. It offers the most advanced and the world’s best treatment options to infertility patients/ couples. The most noticeable feature of their treatment is their non-donor treatment policy, our partner hospital will not use donor sperm, egg, or embryos for someone else treatment.

The hospital provide the most advanced infertility treatments like IVF, IVF-ICSI, IUI, BLASTOCYST CULTURE, ASSISTED HATCHING, Micro TESE (Microscopic Testicular Sperm Extraction) and all other invasive and non invasive procedures. The partner hospital provides stylish accommodation to its patients and customer. Located within 20 miles (30 KM) from the nearest International Airport, and is in the middle of a famous tourist destinations (surrounded by backwaters and exotic beaches)