Ultrasound Cavitation

All of us wish to 'look good' in order to 'feel good' about ourselves. A balanced diet and exercise is always good for our body and mind. Unfortunately, even with a balanced diet and good regime of exercise, its difficult to reduce fat and tone such stubborn areas of the body as the tummy, bottom and arms. Thankfully, the 'Care-Your-Body HPC Ultrasound Cavitation' process helps to bring about a positive change in your body and life in ways you can't even imagine! Read on.

Untrasound Cavitation

(Non-Surgical Liposuction) A revolutionary fat removal technology that does not involve medical intervention or surgery. The scientifically developed Medical Ultrasonic Radio Frequency Technology is the latest and most popular method of fat removal and body shaping treatment. Bio-cavitational ultrasound waves and radio frequency energy, selectively break down fat cells and cellulite, without affecting neighboring organs and cells and immediately after the treatment, the body clears away the disrupted fat cells, mainly through liver metabolism.

A Simple Application Treatment

The treatment requires neither anesthesia nor previous preparation. This allows the person to return to normal life immediately after the treatment. Applied for 7 to I0 minutes on a I0 x I0 cm area slowly in a circular massage form,around 3 adjacent areas. Followed by a 7 to I0 day rest period. Minimally a week between sessions with a total of 5 to 12 applications according to each case. A low caloric diet is to be strictly followed, for at least two weeks, after the treatment, in addition to a daily water intake of 2-litres, prior and post treatment.

Cavitation Effect

This works through a fat reduction system called cavitation, which generates compression and decompression of the fat cells at a velocity of 36,000 to 44,000 times per second, till they explode. This method emits low frequency ultrasonic waves that the fat deposit cannot resist and are destroyed.

HPC System Features

Ultrasound Cavitation Technology is proven.

  • Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive Treatment - It's painless, needing. absolutely no recovery time!
  • 'Care-Your-Body HPC Ultrasound Cavitation' Process - For the kind of body you've dreamed of
  • Less Body Fat- Be assured of significant results within the first 7 or 8 sessions itself (even though we recommend a minimumof 12 sessions)
  • Permanent Reduction Of Body Fat - Enjoy long lasting benefits of this painless procedure.
  • A 40-Minutes Treatment Session - Enabling you to get yourself treated in your lunch break!
  • Greatly Improved Body Shape - Start wearing the clothes you've always wanted to
  • A Fit Body & Mind - A greatly enhanced confidence and self esteem
  • Cost-Effective - Amazing value-for-money treatment sessions

HPC Poly Clinic Facilities

  • Separate Air-Conditioned Treatment Rooms for male & female patients
  • Easily accessible location - Opposite to CSEZ and Muthoot Technopolis, Kakkanad
  • Professionally Trained Male & Female Nurse Therapists
  • Full-Time General Practitioner & Para-Medical Staff
  • Fully Computerized Laboratory, Pharmacy, & ECG
  • Private & Personal Counseling Sessions
  • Convenient Timings